What to pack in your Home Health Kit!

When I started this current home health assignment, my friend Kristen told me to ask about if the company provides a home health kit. This is a GREAT question to ask during interviews as well as if they have recommendations for what to pack in the kit. My company told me they were planning on providing their employees with kits and that the facilities has equipment for me…. this was not the case. I was lucky to still have my PT kit from PT school on hand for this assignment and I have added to it since starting!

Bags: Now, I still have my therapy kit/bag from school, so I just use that. However, if this were a permanent gig, I would go for a bigger more durable bag. These are all recommendations in a HH Facebook group I’m in. And yes one of these is a diaper bag, There were a few diaper bag recommendations but WHO’S GONNA KNOW, also don’t knock it till ya try it!

Blood pressure cuff and stethoscope: Because vitals are vital!: Personally, I have a manual BP cuff with stethoscope (but again that is what came in my original kit), however if you choose an electric cuff, it is still good to have a stethoscope for lung auscultations:

Blood Pressure Cuffs:

What else to pack in your Home Health Kit! (including but not limited to):

I hope this list helps you build your own home health kit! Stay safe

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