How to nail the Home Health interview!

Now that I have been working my first home health assignment for a whopping 1.5 months, I’m basically a pro. Totally kidding, however, I have learned how to prepare for potential HH interviews! Let’s start with “why home health?”  Listen, literally 4 months ago I was telling my recruiter “any setting other than home health.” All I could see was me trapped in a basement in the middle of nowhere Missouri, and going into scary insect infested homes. I have heard some stories… However, home health has its positive sides and it may end up being the setting for YOU. 

Why home health?

  1. It is one of the highest paying settings
  2. Constantly changing up your day, never at the same place all day
  3. Intermittent jam sessions throughout your day driving between visits
  4. You have more power over scheduling your day (My friend never starts his day before 9 am). 
  5. Several home health openings in the travel business  

If you are a traveler with no home health experience, it can be hard to get your foot in the door. Lately, my goal has been to get an assignment in Kansas City or St. Louis. There have been several home health openings but I was passed up on them due to no experience. Meaning they saw the submission and passed, no interview. However, travel therapy will take you to a lot of rural places, and THOSE are the areas that will give you a chance with no experience. I get it, you don’t want to live in the middle of nowhere, but you need to realize, each contract is 13 weeks on average, you don’t have to extend, and you get the experience you need on your resume to get that job in your more ideal location! So, if you don’t have the experience, still submit to the big cities, you never know! But, don’t only submit to those ideal locations that are getting dozens of applications of people with more experience. 

Now when you DO get the interview, here is how to nail it:

  • Always sell yourself.
    • For example if they ask if you have any HH experience: “No, but..’ 
      • Maybe you have experience with similar populations (such as a SNF)
      • You have always been interested in exposure to this setting
      • You know a decent amount about the setting and feel you are creative enough to come up with treatments sessions in home utilizing equipment you may bring in a kit or equipment in the home. 
    • Experience with the documentations system (I am currently using Oasis, wellsky, and JBS. Oasis is used a lot in home health)
      • “No, but”
        • You can look up some “how to” videos on youtube to give you an idea
        • You are a quick learner on documentation 
  • Questions YOU should ask:
    • What all documentation systems do they use? (I am currently working on 3 in one assignment, and oasis is a common one.)
    • How many patients on average are you seeing a day? (Remember this is home health so you are driving to each patient.)
    • How many PTA/COTA are you overseeing? (and maybe look up the PT laws in your state on how many assistants you CAN oversee, in case this company is violating that)
    • What is the daily point expectation? (this is home health’s version of daily productivity)
    • NOT travel: When discussion pay, ask if pay is hourly or per patient, and as about pay per mileage. (If you are a traveler, you ask your recruiter these questions).
    • Is a majority of your sessions visits into the community in people’s homes, or are you doing a fair amount of visits to assisted living facilities? (I currently do a little more ALF visits than community visits).
    • Do they provide home health kits? If not, what do they recommend you pack in yours?
    • What areas are you expected to cover? 
      •  If you are a perm worker, you are probably familiar with the area and have a good idea of how far you could possibly have to drive.
      • If you are a traveler this will help plan for where to look for housing as well as mapping out the areas to be familiar with drive times. 

I hope this helps you prepare for your next home health interview as well as give you a little insight into the world of home health! I will be posting a “What to pack in your Home Health kit” article soon! For more interview tips check out “How to nail the SNF interview” here. They are great ways to prepare for ANY interview, not just SNF setting. P.S. the featured picture is from @shopdptee on instagram, I LOVE her stuff.

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