PT/OT Compact: What it is and why it matters

I never thought I would become so passionate about the legislative side of physical therapy, but here we are. I even did an interview with Dr. Mercedes Aguirre, PT, DPT (@theptadvocate) on the issue. This concept seems so logical and simple to execute on a national level in order to make licensing for PTs and PTAs 1000% easier. Congrats to occupational therapy as they have just introduced this legislation to their discipline (scroll to bottom for OT map)! I am not sure about your states, but getting licensed in Tennessee was a MAJOR PAIN. 75% of the time I could not get in touch with a TN PT board member to answer questions, they had a lot of requirements (including a recommendation letter), and it costs a lot of money (especially for a grad student working a full-time unpaid clinical). So I get all of this information turned in and I want to apply to another state, because of travel therapy life. WHY do I have to pay to have my boards, transcripts, and any other pointless paperwork sent WHEN I HAVE THAT SENT TO ANOTHER STATE ALREADY. Well, the people who created the compact agreement wondered the same thing (probably, and with the same level of fire as me). 

  • What is the compact?
    • This is an agreement between “member” states to improve access to PT by making the licensing process easier for therapist to get licensed in multiple states
  • What do you mean “easier”?
    • There is a $45 fee for compact privileges and an optional state fee
    • Some states may require a Jurisprudence Exam
    • Takes minutes up to a week to get licensed with a compact state (If the state requires jurisprudence it will take maybe a day or 2 to process. If that state doesn’t require it you can gain privileges the same day)
  • Who would this benefit?
    • Travel therapists (of course)
    • Therapists who live on state borders. I almost took a job in Chattanooga, TN (love that place) and it is on the border of TN (compact) and GA (which JUST started officially accepting compact privileges). Many companies have clinics in both states and suggest their therapists be licensed in both states in case they have to float or help out at another clinic. Kansas City on the border of Missouri (compact state) and Kansas (non-compact state). Sioux City which borders THREE states (Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota) There are of course several other examples 
    • If neither of these are you, this could still benefit you. I am still new to the PT world as well and there are other situations to just being a contract therapist (different than travel PT), or being a floating therapist etc where this could benefit you. Also, there are some who are not sure about switching their permanent home state license yet because they are unsure of the move/job or any other reason. And if it doesn’t benefit you NOW, it still could in the future. 
  • Hell yeah, every state does this?
    • Unfortunately not… That is why I am so passionate about this because it SHOULD be this easy in every state. (BUT, you can still apply for eligibility, and keep reading to find out how to get this in motion for your state. 
    • Only 21 states are member states that are ACTIVELY issuing and accepting compact privileges (Navy Blue) 
    • 10 have enacted legislation but are not yet issuing or accepting compact privileges {Light blue}(I know that sounds promising but GA has been in this phase for at least a year now)
    • 6 have introduced the legislation (teal) 
    • The rest are not involved 

I will say, this is a relatively NEW concept. It was officially enacted April 25 of 2017, so the hope is that one day it can embody the whole country. has a lot of information about compact and eligibility etc. To be eligible you must be a licensed PT/PTA and your home state license must be a compact state. You must also meet other criteria depending on the state such as not having any disciplinary action against your license for at least 2 years. This link will take you straight to the requirements of participating states. 

  • Do I need to renew my compact privileges or complete continued competency requirements?
    • Compact privileges expire when your home state license is up for renewal. You must renew your home state license before you can renew your privileges. You only need to meet the continuing competency requirements of your home state. You do not need to meet the continued competency requirements for state(s) you have compact privileges.  

Are you in a state that is not a compact member yet and want it to be? WRITE YOUR DELEGATES. I am going to provide contact information of 1 state delegate for each state that is not ACTIVELY issuing compact privileges. Your state has a chief delegate and several more. You can find more info about state delegate information at I recommend you write to your delegates and ask WHY have they enacted the legislation but are not yet accepting or issuing privileges (@ Georgia). Or why have they not introduced the legislation yet? Hopefully enough of you will write/call and get your delegates talking, or better yet, hopefully you receive an answer. I hope you learned something new from this post and even found something you want to fight for in this field! Stay safe out there y’all! 


Andrea L Johnson, PT, DPT 

200 Brooklet Ct 

Huntsville, AL 35806-4078 



Gail Bachman PT, DPT

4384 Swift Ave

San Diego, CA 92104-6612



Michael B Gans, PT, DPT

7 wright lane

Hamden, CT 06517


Phone: (230) 453-2844

-Delaware (enacted, not yet issuing)

Charles Benjamin Barker, PT, DPT

308 W Pembrooke Dr

Smyrna, DE 19977-4012


Phone: (302) 730- 4800


Meryl J. Alappattu, PT, DPT, PhD

306 NE 7th Ave

Gainesville, FL 32601-4389



Justin Rex Ledbetter, PT, DPT

2677 Old bainbridge Rd  Apt 1416 

Tallahassee, FL 32303-3595


Yes, I do realize he has a FL address for the Hawaii Delegate


Jonathan Roy Gardunia, PT

4789 E Alpine Dr

Post Falls, ID 83854-7723


Phone: (208) 351- 9955

Fax: (208) 258- 3994


Bridget Marie Fowler, PT, DPT

1729 W Farwell Ave  Apt 1W

Chicago, IL 60626-3264


Phone: (312) 238- 3431


Rick Reuss, PT

1421 Cherokee Ct

Madison, IN 47250-1931


Phone: (812) 801-0671

-Kansas (Legislation Introduced)

Camille M. Snyder, PT, DPT

21 Hillcrest Ave

Eastborough, KS 67208-4424


Phone: (316) 260-6731


Jennifer Cobeil, PT, DPT

Mainely Kidz

895 Portland Rd

Saco, ME 04072-9673


Phone: (207) 439-5104

Fax: (207) 571-8134

-Maryland (Legislation Introduced)

Kevin C. Platt, PT, DPT, MBA

5342 Kerger Road

Ellicott City, MD 21043-8207


Phone: (443) 462-5703

-Massachusetts (Legislation Introduced)

Chief Delegate: Renae Hope Gorman, PT, DPT, EdD

15 Christopher Dr

Westfield, MA 01085-1850


-Michigan (Legislation introduced)

Jennifer A. Blackwood, PT, DPT

16151 Meredith Ct

Linden, MI 48451-9095



Holly Clynch, PT, DPT, MA

18220 Gainavale Ln

Eden Prairie, MN 55346-2107


Phone: (651) 690-7823

Fax: (651) 690- 7876

-Montana (Enacted, but not yet issuing or accepting compact privileges)

Adena Carter, PT

1285 Sunnyside Rd

Anaconda, MT 59711-1766


Phone: (406) 560-3812


Justina Lynn Walter, PT, DPT

6250 Fieldstone Pl

Reno, NV 89523-1202


-New Jersey (Enacted, not yet issuing or accepting)

Dennise Krencicki, PT, DPT, MA

271 Dutchtown Zion Rd

Belle Mead, NJ 08502-5112


-New Mexico

Brian Arvizo, PT, DPT

5656 Cold Creek Ave NW

Albuquerque, NM 87114-6105


-New York

Barbara Jane Davey, PT, DPT

31 Baldwin Dr

Wappingers Falls, NY 12589


-Ohio (legislation Introduced)

Lynn M. Czup, PT, DPT

1875 Ashley Dr

Hudson, OH 44236-1772


Phone: (330) 650-6767

Fax:(330) 650-2814

-Pennsylvania (Legislation introduced)

Colleen E. Chancler, PT, MHS, PhD

29 N Kirklyn Ave

Upper Darby, PA 19082-1027


-Rhode Island (Legislation Introduced)

Chief Delegate: Carol Guzewicz Petrie, PT, DPT

153 Fischer Cir

Portsmouth, RI 02871-5411


Phone: (401) 874-4025

-South Carolina (Enacted, not yet accepting or issuing privileges) 

Aaron E. Embry, PT, DPT, MSCR

5032 Fox Valley Ct

Summerville, SC 29485-7942


Phone: (843) 792-8198

-South Dakota (Enacted, not yet accepting or issuing privileges)

Chief Delegate: Joy R. Karges-Brown, PT, EdD

707 S Horizon Ln

Sioux Falls, SD 57106-4618


Phone: (605) 658-6367

Fax:(605) 677-6745


Kerry Royce Wood, PT, DPT

145 Birchwood Dr

Colchester, VT 05446-6256


-Wisconsin (Enacted, not yet accepting or issuing privileges) 

Carlynn A. Alt, PT, BSPT, PhD

701 E Carlisle Ave

Whitefish Bay, WI 53217



Chief Delegate: Ryan Thomas Vincent, PT, DPT

Gottsche Rehab & Wellness

1526 Rumsey Ave Unit 2

Cody, WY 82414-3870


Below is the OT compact map! The blue are the enacted states, and the teal are the states that have introduced the legislation. Unfortunately, no states are yet actively accepting or issuing privileges, however, this is still a step in the right direction for the OT discipline!  

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