Why I started this page

I decided to start this blog to give a true glimpse at the life of a travel therapist. I went into this without much advice from experienced travel therapists (a motif of my academic/career choices thus far). Of course a recruiter will do his/her best to sell you, meaning you only hear the good things. And they will get you in contact with maybe one other travel therapist who works for the company and obviously loves their jobs, which is always nice to find. However, I am a realist. I know I will not always love every aspect of my job and I want to know what to expect, especially with being new to the profession of Physical Therapy altogether.  This is by no means a “formal” blog. I am not posting any ground-breaking research or articles I was a part of (because I’m not a part of any… yet), my grammar will not be perfect, and you can expect an “UGH” here and there. I am excited to share about the settings I encounter and my full experience with the setting and the city/town in which it was located. I hope this gives you a better glimpse of this blog. Mostly, I hope this gives you entertainment and a true look at the life of a travel therapist, especially if you are considering this as a next step in your career. In my profile, I have my email attached. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about this area. I would be happy to turn it into a post, or reply privately when I have the time. 


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